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North Americans Vote Real Estate the Best Long Term Investment 8/4/2016

For the Third Year Running, North Americans Vote Real Estate the Best Long Term Investment


In 2014 and 2015, North Americans vote real estate the best long-term investment, according to Gallup polls. This year, real estate takes top seat once again, and also increases its popularity over other investment options. Out of real estate, stocks, gold, savings accounts/CDS, and bonds, real estate led with 35% (up from 31% in 2015), followed by stocks/mutual funds at 22%.


For many middle class North Americans, real estate is one of the primary ways to build wealth. In fact, the net worth of a typical home owner is far greater than the net worth of a typical renter, with homeowners having an average net worth of $195,400 compared to $5,400 for renters. For many North Americans, this is the primary way the increase their net worth over time.  


However, real estate’s viability as an investment option goes beyond owning a home; buying an investment property provides many wealth building opportunities that savvy investors are taking advantage of. When compared to stocks/mutual funds or bonds, real estate provides numerous advantages, such as the opportunity for cash flow, control, leverage, and appreciation, so it should be no surprise that real estate investment sales jumped over 30 percent in the past 7 years!


Take cash flow, for example. When it comes to real estate investing, savvy investors know to invest first and foremost for cash flow. Real estate, when properly purchased, generates income on a monthly basis in the form of rent. Cash flow is simply the amount earned from rental income after all expenses are paid. Cash flow is unique because it provides consistent, largely predictable returns over time.


Now compare cash flow to other investments, like stocks. Stocks either offer very limited cash flow returns, called dividends, or no dividends at all. In June of 2016, the average dividend yield for the Dow Jones Industrial was 2.84 percent, the NASDAQ was 1.84 percent, and the S&P 500 was 1.83 percent. Unless you own a significant number of stocks in these indices, the dividend return, or cash flow form these stocks is infrequent and small.

And that’s just one way that real estate provides numerous advantage over other investment options! Whether you’re a first time home buyer or thinking of buying an investment property, real estate can provide amazing wealth building opportunities.


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