Investor Story #1: Building His Investment Empire One Property At A Time 3/1/2013

Joel C. was a first time investor, but his goals were different than most first timers. He wanted to invest in real estate so that he would have enough passive income to create stability for his future family. He and his wife, Dani, did a lot of research and planning before jumping in.

“I had been doing research and reading books for years, so I knew how much time was involved,” said Joel. He turned to a real estate agent to help him get the ball rolling. “I finally realized that if I want to be an entrepreneur and an investor, I couldn’t do it all myself. I had to find an expert who could do that work for me.”

Joel’s agent started by putting him on a drip email campaign that would send him information about properties in the area. He knew what he wanted was cash flow. “I could look at these properties and make sure the numbers worked. If it didn’t I’d just delete it and move on,” he said.

When he found properties that seemed to fit the bill, he and his wife visited the properties with his agent. “When we went to the properties he gave me expert advice, sometimes for and sometimes against purchasing the property.” Eventually, they found a property, and qualified for an FHA owner-occupied loan. Although they hadn’t considered living in their investment property before, for Joel and Dani it made a lot of sense.

“We’re getting the house for free because someone else is paying the mortgage,” said Dani. “It’s not like we have an abundance of money coming out of nowhere, so we really had to plan for what we wanted to do.”

“In 10 years I’ll be investing in large apartment complexes. It’s something to look forward to,” he said.” Ultimately, the combination of research, a clear plan, and expert advice from his agent helped Joel and Dani take the first step towards achieving their wealth-building goals.

Like Joel, there are others who have their own investor stories. You can read them by downloading the report on this site entitled, “Real Stories from Real People Investing in Real Estate.” You will likely identify with at least one of them, then you can begin the process of building your own investor story.

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